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Pool Covers

The humidity of the ambient air will create condensation. Indeed, the contact between fresh air and hot air could harm other elements of your room as well as your walls. Think only of your windows full of fog and household to do again and again.

However, it is very difficult to fight against humidity. The only alternative to reduce its effects is to provide good insulation. You can install double glazing in appropriate places and also draw up a tarp over the pool to cover it when not in use. This will reduce the phenomenon of evaporation.


Also, you can go for a practical solution to turn your indoor pool into a dance floor, or a pool hall into an entertainment or reception area at the press of a button. Virtually any shape or size of pool can be transformed with a movable pool floor. The pool covers can be sited above ground at the end of the pool or in a pit under the pool surrounds at one end out of site, or even in the pool floor.

You will have a decision to make though. Do you want a fully manual cover, semi-automatic, or automatic cover. As you can see, you really have 3 choices when deciding on one of the pool covers that are on the market :

– A manual cover usually takes 2 people to pull it the length of the pool so that the entire water area is covered. Once down, you can then click the cover to hold it in place. While any of the manual pool covers are more difficult to use, they are your most cost effective option.

– A semi automatic cover will involve some manual work but not as much as with the manual pool covers. While it is on a roll, you will have to guide the cover over the pool. It really is much easier and usually one person is all that is need to operate a semi-automatic pool cover. It is a bit more costly then the manual cover but is is well worth the price.

– The premium option is to go for a fully integrated automatic cover. It is manufactured from interlocking slates and floats on the water without tracking or wires to spoil the appearance of the pool. Indeed, its cost is higher than the other 2 options.