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Pools Price

An indoor pool is certainly very pretty and classy, and its cost is high. Indeed, for identical dimensions with an outdoor pool, you can count a total indoor pools price of twice as much. This includes all of the construction, insulation and maintenance.

Also, in times when energy costs are continuously rising, people are looking for more efficient ways of heating their pool water and pool hall air heating. You should be aware of this problem and have recognized the need to lower running costs of your pool. You can also use modern technology which allows low running costs with massive energy savings up to 70%.


In addition, if you control the humidity of the room and you put a quality liner, you will have a chance of having your valuable investment last a long time.

With the constant advancements in technology, anyone can have an indoor pool today even when little room is available. You can have for example an « endless » or a therapy pool. These create a current against which the swimmer maintains their pace, but can also just be enjoyed for a relaxing soak too. Below we will be considering the costs of installing an indoor swimming pool of the therapeutic type.

The average costs and materials associated with this project include :

The Pool : the standard size of a common indoor swimming pool is roughly 8’x15′, and it demands a space or room size of at least 11’x18′. The cost for such a pool starts at $20,000, but can go as high as $100,000. Most are around 40″ deep and can be custom ordered to a maximum depth of 78″ too;

The Surroundings : this is where the truly hefty costs can come into play because a homeowner without the appropriately sized basement, garage, or sunroom will have to construct an entire wing specifically for the pool. There are many pre-fabricated options for pool enclosures, however, and these include rigid frames that are mounted to the actual deck surrounding the pool. These can be found for prices starting at $35 per square foot and even in the $70 per square foot price range too. Most owners will pay around $30k to $40k for the standard enclosure. Additional costs to consider are the electrical work (roughly $85 per hour) and any plumbing requirements (around $80 per hour); and

The Water : for a swimming pool to be comfortable, it will have to have heated water. One of the smartest and most cost effective ways to heat the indoor pool is through the installation of a solar heating system. Although solar hot water heating cannot yet supply a household with all of its needs, it can keep a pool heated comfortably 100% of the time. A solar tube array for the pool described here would cost approximately $340, and could be installed on a do-it-yourself basis.

Enhancement and improvement costs :

Dehumidifying systems : when a swimming pool is indoors, it puts off a lot of heat and humidity. When the homeowner is able to use a pre-existing room in the home in which to house the pool, there can be a great many moisture problems as the result. A standard model dehumidifier will cost roughly $2000;

Vapor Barrier : if the room in which the pool is housed shares common walls with the residence, it is also a good idea to install a vapor barrier within them. This is going to require the removal of sheetrock and the subsequent re-finishing of the area, but it will prevent the accumulation of moisture, mildew, and mold that is a common problem with indoor swimming pools;

Safety Measures : locking doors between the swimming pool room and the rest of the house might be part of the building code, but it is also a good idea to consider the installation of subtle door alarms and even a safety cover on the pool as well, which cost around $600 for the most durable model.

Other elements to consider : you can improve your indoor pool further. Browse the other pages of this website to learn more.