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Choosing a pool heater

Which Type of Pool Heating System is Best for Me?

There are three basic types of pool heating systems : heat pump pool heater, solar pool heater and gas pool heater.

The best system for your pool is determined by numerous factors including your needs, desires, budget and physical layout of the pool and house.

The size and cost of a pool heater depends on the size of your pool and the conditions at your location.

Each pool & home is unique. The size of the heater is based on several factors, including: the size & shape of the pool; geographic location; swimming season and pool temperature desired; and for solar, the direction of the roof (south, east, west or flat). The size of the heater will determine the temperature, swimming season, and length of time to heat the pool. It is very important to properly size the heater for good performance.

Keep in mind that a Solar Pool Cover is recommended for all heating systems. Heating a pool without a cover is like heating a house without a roof…the heat just goes right out the top. Without a pool cover, the cost of operating a Heat Pump or Gas Heater is doubled, and a Solar Heater’s effectiveness is dramatically decreased. For convenience a Pool Cover Roller may be added to ease placement and removal of the cover. If a pool cover is not be used, the size of the heater must be increased by 100%. Solar Pool covers and Pool Cover Rollers are a minimal investment for the savings they offer and we suggest all our customers purchase one.

Do-it-yourself Installations

All three types of pool heaters can be installed by the handyman, although it is strongly recommended that electric and gas hookups be made by a professional contractor. The typical installation will require 1 to 2 days for solar, less than 1 day for heat pumps, and about half a day for gas.