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Pool Maintenance in Nagpur

It is easy to keep your pool in top condition provided you keep these pieces of advice in mind for your swimming pool maintenance in Nagpur. You can ensure that your pool remains a pleasant and safe place with little cost and effort.

The maintenance of pool equipment should only be undertaken by suitably qualified persons or services companies in Nagpur and in strict accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations. Incorrect maintenance can not only lead to a shortened equipment life span, but in some circumstances may place operator and safety at risk.

Indoor Swimming Pool Maintenance in Nagpur

Swimming Pool Maintenance in Nagpur

There are two philosophies regarding maintenance of your swimming pool in Nagpur:
– The reactive approach: this involves waiting until equipment is not working anymore before taking action. This approach is not wise as there is also the risk of damage to ancillary equipment which can cause total failure. For example, circulation pump failure may result in damaging the pump motor which can be very expensive to replace in Nagpur.
– The proactive or preventative approach: more responsible attitude as it involves periodical, or programmed maintenance of equipment within set timeframes, monthly, quarterly and annually. Manufacturers as well as pool service companies are a good source of information as to when and what maintenance is required to keep equipment operational, as well as costs estimates.

How to Perform Pool Maintenance in Nagpur

Below are the important maintenance activities that you should perform regularly to your indoor pool in Nagpur :
– to avoid green pool color, stir up the water to have debris to rise to the surface where it can be removed
– to avoid ph level to go too high or too low, frequently test the pool’s water using testing strips or sending a sample of your pool water to a pool store in Nagpur that will probably test it for you and tell you which chemicals to use
– to avoid murky or unclear water due to high levels of algae or bacteria, use shock chemicals that will correct this problem
– if your water is cloudy or greenish, you should probably replace or repair your water filter

Also, unlike outdoor pools, you can still use your indoor pool during winter months in Nagpur. Hence, instead of doing them during winter, you should find a good time to perform routine inspections and repairs like cleaning or repainting the pool concrete surface by draining it. Also, you should check and replace pool pump and filter if necessary, or repair any chips or cracks in your deck, check diving boards or other moving equipment like ladders or rails for needed repair. If you have a gas pool heater, check connections for possible gas leaks, or have them checked by a pool professional in Nagpur.