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Spa Heating Systems in Phoenix AZ

The basic rule for Spa heating systems in Phoenix AZ is to equip based on your use. Indeed, price and performance of the different systems vary widely. These systems are placed at the exit of the filter and often placed in a separate room.

Spa Heating Systems in Phoenix AZ

So if you enjoy your Spa a few times a month, then choose the least expensive system which is an electrical system. However, if you want to use your Spa every other day for example, then choose a water heat pump. It will cost more but quality and flexibility will be there.

Spa Heating Systems in Phoenix AZHow to choose best home Spa Tub heating systems in Phoenix AZ

Also, as energy costs are continuously rising in Phoenix AZ, you could also consider adding a heat retention Spa cover, or thermal covers, to optimize energy consumption.

Different Types of Spa Heating Systems in Phoenix AZ

There are three basic types of Spa heaters you can choose from. The best system for your Spa Tub is determined by numerous factors including your thermal needs, desires, budget and physical layout of the Spa and house in Phoenix AZ:
Solar Spa Heaters are the most effective, best value and best environmental choice for heating your Spa no matter what season and climate your pool is in on top of being more economical and requiring low maintenance; when compared to heating your Spa with other methods, solar heating pays for itself in less than 3 years
Heat Pump Spa Heater can efficiently collect heat from the outside air down to the 45 to 50 degree range. A heat pump will greatly extend your swimming season in Phoenix AZ for a reasonable investment but it will require some time until your Spa is at the right temperature
Propane and Natural Gas Spa Heaters have the highest operating cost, and are the least efficient / cost effective way to heat your Spa in Phoenix AZ, but if you require rapid heat up, constant temperature regardless of outside temperature, then a gas heater may be right for you